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"Logging Off" is a VR documentary project about the harassment of streamers on Twitch. Built in Unreal Engine, this project is designed for the completion of my Masters Degree at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.
I am both the designer and developer for this project. I also animated the Metahuman and edited the footage for the accompanying explainer video.

Unreal Engine
Unreal Metahumans

A video I helped produce, shoot, and edit for Syracuse University's https://www.thenewshouse.com/infodemic  project landing page. 
"Infodemic" is a 30+ article news project on disinformation in America.  
The news team asked me to create a video for the project's landing page using deepfake technology.

Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Festival of Visual and Interactive Media:
Gold Winner for Faculty-Student Collaboration

*This was created in early 2023 with no budget.  At that time, many of the current publicly available deepfake tools were not available to us.

Testing out deepfaking myself on an Unreal Metahuman.
Trying techniques in UE5 to recreate a shot from "Blade Runner 2049."
Mores creative samples available at  jasonlozadaxr.artstation.com
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