Airtable CRUD Widget for Houdini
I designed this widget to allow for an artist to view information from an Airtable shot tracker without needing to leave Houdini. Artists are able to search for shots assigned to them by name. This tool allows the ability to read existing notes, as well as to make updates with information from their latest edit.

SideFX Houdini
Minutes-to-Second Conversion Node for Unreal Engine
In Unreal Engine, the "Delay" node delays when an event occurs.  The delay must be entered in total seconds (e.g. entering 120 for a two-minute delay).  I found it tedious having to constantly convert timestamps from minutes to seconds.  I created a node (highlighted in yellow) where I can quickly type the minutes and seconds for my event.  For example, entering 2 and 13 (2:13) and it will convert it to 133 seconds and submit the result for me.
Unreal Engine Blueprints
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